We all know there is nothing worse then trying to live with a badly-behaved, unruly dog. Do you want a happy dog, who knows how to behave?

Every dog and handler team has something to gain from obedience classes; imagine having the tools to teach your dog to come back when its called, having a dog with all round better manners and a dog that doesn’t tug on the leash! These are all possible when you invest in your dogs training.

We train dogs of all ages and breeds, offering different levels of training from puppy through to advanced. There is something for everyone.

Obedience classes are an investment in a happy life for you and your dog.

The cost is a $90 training fee per term plus a $15.00 membership (paid once a year). Check the dates for upcoming class intakes or fill out your enrolment now.

Enrolments for Term 4 are now closed

Term 4 2018 – 16th October to 11th December (9 Weeks)

Dates for 2019

Term 1 – 5th February to 9th April (10 weeks) – Enrolments Open January
Term 2 – 30th April to 2th July
Term 3 – 23rd July to 24th September
Term 4 – 15th October to 10th December (9 Weeks)

Our obedience classes are run on Tuesday nights from 6.30pm. We generally run with the school term for 10 weeks. Occasionally the dates are altered where the school terms consist of less than ten weeks.