Results from Term 4, 2017

Results from Term 4 2017 (Tuesday 12th December) Assessment Night

Beginner Adult – Merits
Amy Barker & Ruby (Lab x Border Collie)
Shashi Sadasivan & Zia (Border Collie x)

Class Awards
Beginner Adult – Shashi Sadasivan & Zia (Border Collie x)

Assessment form Draw: Fern Feaver


End of Year Prize Giving

Competitive Obedience Results December 2017

Test AChamp – Olivia Paley and Ukah (Border Collie)
Novice – Nil
Special BeginnersChamp = Lynda Prangnell and Meeka (German Shepherd)
Elementary –  Lynda Prangnell and Meeka (German Shepherd)

Overall Top Obedience Dog for 2017, sponsored by Carevets

Carevet Cup: Lynda Prangnell & Meeka (German Shepherd)

Achievement Award to

Janine Bloem & Flash (Border Collie)

Outstanding guys, very proud of you all and your achievements this year. Its great to see you all out there representing Waikato, you have done WCOC proud.


2018 Double Obedience Champ Show

Show Results 5th May 2018
Photos can be found on our Facebook page


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