Dear [handler-1st-name],

Thank you for submitting your application for enrolment and your interest in attending our obedience classes.

Please note this has not secured you a spot on the course.

Before your application can be processed your dogs vaccination information will be reviewed.
If your dog is not fully vaccinated at the time you have submitted your enrolment, or you have not provided the correct/enough information with your enrolment it will be considered invalid and won’t be filed for processing.
If this is the case you will be notified, but you will need to re-submit your application once your vaccinations have been sorted.
Traditionally demand for our courses is very high so we can not hold you a space.

To help provide everybody with equal learning opportunities we need to ensure the right mix of dogs. There is no discrimination based on dog breed, age or size but our head trainer needs to review each application so will be in touch with you in due course.

Once we have reviewed your application, if you are successful you will receive an email on how to finalise your enrolment. This will include our bank account details for you to pay your training fee of $135.00. Once this payment has been received we can then confirm your place in the course and a receipt will be emailed out.

Details of time, dates, and what to bring to class will be sent to you prior to class starting.

As a club run exclusively by volunteers, who all have regular day jobs please do bear with us through this enrolment process we appreciate your support, thank you for your enrolment & we will be in touch.

IMPORTANT COVID19 Vaccinations
As a club run exclusively by volunteers we have adopted the requirement of all handlers needing to be vaccinated for Covid19.
For your safety, we verify all our instructors and assistance have been vaccinated.

As a handler you will be required to produce a copy of your vaccine passport for verification. Please feel free to do this ahead of time by email or this can be scanned on the firsts night of training.

Please be aware, if your vaccine passport is deemed invalid or you cannot/refuse produce a valid passport then you will not be able to commence training with us and will not be entitled to a refund of your training fees.

Kind Regards
Waikato Canine Obedience Club

WCOC Online Enrolment Form [your-email]
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Handler Vax: [covid]   |   Passport Expire: [covid-vax-expire]
Handler Name: [handler-1st-name] [handler-2nd-name]
Phone number: [phone-number]   |   Email: [your-email]
Postal Address: [postal-address]

In Case of Emergency: [ICE-name] [ICE-number] – [ICE-relationship]

Handler over 17? [handler-under-age “Yes” “No”]   |   Age: [handler-age]

Trained before? [trained-before “Yes” “No”]   |   Currently training? [currently-training “Yes” “No”]
Training History: [training-history]

Dog’s Name: [dogs-name]  |  Gender: [dogs-gender]
Dog’s Breed: [breed]  |  Dog’s DOB: [dogs-date-of-birth]

Rescue: [rescue]  |  Length of time in household: [household-time]

Is this your first dog? [first-dog]
Multidog Household? [multidog].  |  How many dogs? [total-dogs]

Is your dog an “Inside Dog” or an “Outside Dog”?
[inside-outside-dog]  |  Other: [inside-outside-dog-other-details]

How would you describe your dog?
[describe-dog-neg]  |  Other: [describe-dog-other]

What is your main reason for coming to dog obedience?

How did you year about Waikato Canine Obedience Club? [marketing]  [marketing-other-details]

Dog Vaccinations: Vax attached: [vac-attached]
My dog is currently vaccinated: [vac-yes]
Dog is [Over-one-year]   |   Dog’s DOB: [dogs-date-of-birth]
Dates from last 4 Vax: [first-Vax], [second-Vax], [third-Vax], [fourth-Vax]
Kennel cough: [Kennel-cough]   |   The next vaccination due: [Vac-Due]

Declaration: [declaration]
Acceptance of T & Cs: [T-n-Cs]

Anything else we should know?

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