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Dogs Vaccinations*

Please submit a current vaccination certificate (including Bordetella for kennel cough).

Vaccination cards need to be scanned or photographed and attached here with your enrolment form or forwarded by reply email as soon as you have completed this form (you will be sent acknowledgement of your enrolment).

Click here for a example of what we need on your vaccination card.

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Information about the Dog
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Are there any behavioural issues you think we should be aware of?
Understanding your dog's behavioural issues helps us to ensure you are placed into the most appropriate class. We do not pre-judge your dog based on its breed or history.

What is your main reason for coming to dog obedience?

How did you year about Waikato Canine Obedience Club? Select all that apply
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Any thing else we should know?

I declare that I am responsible for my own safety and insurance during the course/s. I undertake and agree that neither myself nor any other member of my family or persons attending with me will make any claims against the Waikato Canine Obedience Club Inc or anyone else connected with this club in respect of any loss or injury to property, canine or person which may be sustained. I am also aware that any information or knowledge acquired or learnt on the course is strictly for personal use.


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