We train on Tuesday nights, from 6.30pm at Bristol Park in Te Rapa. All new handlers to the club start in a beginner class, and then progress through the upper levels.

Each class is entered by a graduation process and you will not progress to the next level until your have achieved the basic skills needed from an earlier class, all at the discretion of our experienced instructors and head trainer.

Click here for the Beginner Classes.

Intermediate ONE – 9 week course

Designed for handlers who have already completed our beginner class. Intermediate class continues to build upon the foundations established in beginner class. Handlers will gain more tools to develop sound distance control and improve your dogs responsiveness. Intermediate ONE is a great “next step” and really helps solidify your skills from the beginner classes. Exercises in this class include teaching your dog to work when it is away from you, street walking, heelwork on lead, recall from distractions, calm down exercises with distractions and much more. This level is also designed to promote good manners in your dog and get handlers to really start to think about their dog training.

This list is not the complete list of what will be taught in this course but only a guideline.

Intermediate TWO – 9 week course

A continuation of our intermediate ONE course. This course will build on the skills learnt in Intermediate ONE. Intermediate TWO will offer handlers a deeper understanding of how dog training works and how to utilize other training aids in your training such as toys and clickers.

Food and/or toys are encouraged in this course as well as the use of such training aids such as clickers etc. These classes cover: Longer more precise heelwork, drop on command, clicker skills, walking on a loose leash, long-distance recalls, working your dogs in higher stress situations.

Handlers start to take control of their own learning and grow as a dog handler team with the guidance of our experienced instructors.