Oh, no it looks like your puppy is unfortunately under our current 10 month threshold.

We are as disappointed as you that we are unable to offer a beginner puppy class this coming term. But to due present instructor injuries we are unable to run this class.

So you might be asking what now? While we don’t offer a waiting list we suggest that you stay turned to our Facebook page for Term 4 enrolment announcements. (We do envisage having a puppy class again next term).

In the mean time we highly recommend purchasing a long line/10m lead and every time you take your puppy out and about to the park is have them connected to that.

Keeping your puppy on lead will help establish good recall habits and help in your future obedience training.

Take tasty treats with you when ever you dog is using it long line and feed them every time they come back to you.

Good luck and we look forwarded to seeing you again in Term 4.

10m Leads

The club makes and sells our own 10m leads. These are available for purchase for $35 + postage. If you are interested in purchasing a 10m lead or a 1m training lead please contact us at arrange your purchase.