Waikato Canine Obedience Club Training Terms & Conditions

By finalising your enrolment with the Waikato Canine Obedience Club (WCOC), you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and club rules.

Please note all the Trainers at WCOC are volunteers. Our Instructor and Assistants do not get paid to do the job and do it for the love of the dogs and to put back into our sport, please treat them with respect.

(1) Dogs must be on leads at all times unless advised otherwise.

(2) Changing of handlers during a course or class is not permitted. The handler who starts on the field (including the first night) is to finish the course. WCOC are training the handler not the dog.

(a) It is important that when you return the following term that the same person goes up with the dog. A Change of handler is not permitted from course to course unless the new handler passes the assessment and/or at the discretion of the Head Trainer.

(3) All dogs on the grounds must be fully vaccinated, including Bordetella Kennel Cough.

(a) Although your dog is vaccinated against Kennel cough your dog can still be a carrier. If for any reason, your dog comes in contact with this virus, has been impounded and/or picked up by Animal Control, the club needs to be notified. There is a two week stand-down period for everyone’s protection.

(4) The Instructors at WCOC are not dog behaviourists. Our Instructors and Assistants are dog owners who have trained and owned dogs for many years. Major behaviour problems should be dealt with by people who are trained in Animal Psychology. Our Instructors and Assistants do not know everything about dog training. WCOC are here to show you some aspects of how to train a dog for everyday obedience. There is more than one way to train a dog we will show you the way we find works best for us.

(5) All handlers are encouraged and advised to commit to the course 100%. If there is a reason you are unable to commit then you need to advise our Head Trainer. See clause 9, on cancellations.

(6) Missing classes puts you and your dog at a considerable disadvantage, and there are no opportunities to catch up. 100% commitment is encouraged.

(7) The minimum age of the handler, to train a dog at WCOC is 15 years. Handler between 15yrs to 17yrs will need to be assessed for suitability for the class.

(8) Cancellations: If you are unable to commit to the course and wish to cancel after you have finalised and made payment there is a no refunds policy once classes have begun. Sorry no transfers are available.

(a) Any cancellation must be in writing to the Head Trainer at least 1 week prior to class starting.

(b) Cancellations made with less than 1 weeks notice of class starting do not qualify for a refund unless a suitable replacement handler can be found to fill your spot. If a suitable replacement is found then a refund as per clause 9-C will apply.

(c) Cancellations made with more than 1 weeks’ notice prior to class starting will qualify for a 50% refund less a $25 administration fee.

(d) In the case of a serious medical event on part of either the handler or the dog, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case base and may be subject to the non-refundable $25 administration fee

(e) Cancellations made prior to final, finalisation and payment of course fees will not incur any penalties.

(9) Children are not permitted on the training field during classes.

(a) Children are welcome to watch from the clubrooms while their parent’s train.

(b) Handlers are welcome and encouraged to bring other family members to watch from afar however they are not permitted on the training field during classes.

(10) Handlers must not walk through or too close to a class still working when arriving or leaving each week. This can upset some dogs.

(11) We encourage the use of food for training. Food can be used in all assessments.

(12) You must watch your own dog and remain in control at all times.

(13) Do not approach another dog without speaking to the other handler first. NEVER approach a dog which is tied up. Not all dogs are approachable and friendly.

(14) Fighting between dogs and/or owners will not be tolerated.

(15) Failure to comply with the WCOC Instructors and/ or Assistants instructions, displaying disruptive behaviour or unnecessary arguing during class time will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the class. In severe cases, your membership with WCOC may be terminated. Please contact the Head Trainer if you have any issues, class time is not the time nor the place for these to come up.

(16) If bitches come on heat – leave them at home and attend yourself. Your bitch will be on heat for around 21 days.

(17) Smoking is not permitted while you are in class or while on Council grounds.

(18) No intoxicated person/s will be permitted in a training class.

(19) Medications: Please advise your Trainer if you are on any medication, which may affect your ability to train your dog or your reaction response time.

(20) Suitable equipment: A leather or webbing lead at least 1 metre long. A chain lead will NOT be accepted. A slip chain or collar suitable for your breed of dog. (Puppy’s under 6-month-old are not prohibited to wear a slip chain). Suitable soft or moist treats for your dog.

(21) Suitable clothing & footwear, come dressed for any weather. Trackpants, shorts etc and wet weather gear. Sneakers, gumboots or similar.

(a) No umbrellas.

(b) No jandal’s, high heels, sandals or bare feet are allowed.

(c) No sunglasses are permitted to be worn during training.

(22) Fouling areas: We train in a public park and must abide by HCC by-laws. You must clean up after your own dog and should carry a plastic bag on you at all times.

(23) Toilets: Two toilets are at the far end of the clubrooms by the carpark as you enter the grounds.

(24) Parking areas: Please do not park at the far end of the building or on the grass as this is for Committee and Instructors. Handlers can park beside the toilets and on the parking areas outside the grounds or behind the clubrooms.

(25) Weather: We train in all weather (snow, rain, hail or shine). 100% attendance is required for the duration of the course.

(26) Photographs and/or Videos: No photography or videoing is allowed during any of the classes in any of the levels unless permission is given from the Committee prior.