To help speed up your enrollment here are a few examples of what your dogs vaccination card should look like.

All dogs will need to have up to date vaccinations and be vaccinated against Bordetella for kennel cough. Kennel cough is an extra vaccine so be sure to ask your vet for it. If you think you dog has been vaccinated for Bordetella then double check their booklet, the sticker looks like this.

NB: Vaccine stickers may vary depending on which brand of vaccine your vet uses, if you unsure please check with your vet.

Puppy’s or Newly Vaccinated Dogs

Different vets have different vaccination protocols; you will need either 3 or 4 rounds of vaccinations depending on the age of your puppy when it was first vaccinated. Usually a combination of two broad-spectrum vaccines commonly known as Vanguard plus  & Leptoguard are given.

Adult Dogs (Over 12 months)

For older dogs yearly booster vaccines are needed. Depending on your vet Leptoguard & kennel cough (Bronchishield) are given annually and Vanguard is given either annually or on a schedule. If you are not sure whether your vaccines are up to date check with your vet. You will need to submit evidence of your dog’s last 4 vaccinations.